Oklahoma and Nebraska Challenge Denied by the Supreme Court

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson.

The Supreme Court voted to not hear the case of Oklahoma and Nebraska vs. Colorado with a vote of 6-2. The lawsuit, which was filed more than a year ago, challenges Colorado’s ability to license and regulate cannabis businesses. Stating that since legalization more marijuana has illegally been transported over their borders.

Luckily the Obama administration and the majority of the supreme court members can see the big picture here and how punishing an entire state for individual criminals would be a huge mistake. Attorneys for both the state of Colorado and the Obama administration recommended that the Supreme Court not take this case while those that head the Drug Enforcement Administration sided with Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman said that elimination the stores in Colorado, while keeping cannabis possession legal, would only increase drug trafficking issues.
In my opinion: This is extremely shady. Can you honestly tell me that by closing the stores that sell cannabis in reasonable amounts to people that you are going to see a drop of that drug in your state? Look at history Oklahoma and Nebraska! The only thing that prohibition has proven with anything is that people will go out of their way to get what they want! Whether it’s out of state or out out of country. You can’t prove these law breakers are getting anything from Colorado specifically.

I hate to tell you but cannabis is everywhere. Suing another state because they’ve had the sense to progress and actually make it work for them is really just adding another log to the ignorance pile.

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