First Church of Cannabis Sues City Claiming Religious Liberty Violation

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

In Indiana, the First Church of Cannabis based in Indianapolis, IN is suing the city of Indianapolis claiming that by not allowing cannabis as a sacrament at the church the city is infringing on the affiliated church members’ religious liberties. Church-goers are called Cannaterians and believe that cannabis brings people closer to themselves and others, promotes love, health, and cures illness and depression. The First Church of Cannabis is not the first to sue in Indiana.

A small group of Native Americans sued and won the right to eat Peyote as part of a ceremony. This case is similar to that one in that religious freedom is at stake.  The police provide a heavy presence during church services to ensure that no cannabis is consumed on the property. There is only a small chance of the church’s lawsuit actually passing through the judicial system with a win.

The state of Indiana is facing a tough challenge here by balancing the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act with religious liberty and freedom. 

My Opinion:  I have not seen a stance like this made by any cannabis related organization to date in the United States. This case could potentially set either a positive or negative precedent in terms of religious freedom across the country related to cannabis.

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