SCOTUS Just Said No: Nebraska & Oklahoma vs Colorado Case Dismissed

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

As many of you know already, Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit over a year ago directly with the United States Supreme Court.  The case was filed directly with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) because of it hinging on states’ rights.  Nebraska and Oklahoma argue that Colorado marijuana is flowing over its borders.

The Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to not give too much weight to the case mainly due to its laissez-faire attitude toward states violating federal law in terms of cannabis and marijuana related legislation.

Today the court ruled 6-2 to dismiss the case.  This was good news for advocates of the legal industry in the United States because a different outcome from the court would have possibly led to major steps backwards in the cannabis industry. The case could still be heard at federal district court, however, meaning proponents of cannabis in the United States are not out of the woods yet.

My Opinion: The news of the victory today is good for the cannabis economy overall, but it is important to remain vigilant about the future.  With a new President on the way, and the Supreme Court’s balance changing along with the possibility of this same case going to federal district court, leaves plenty of room to try to fortify the existing position of the industry in hopes of thwarting any kind of backsliding created by prohibitionists.

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