Medicinal Cannabis Oil

Summary and opinion by Mariama McGee

On Tuesday, March 1, Virginia legislative cleared a bill that will allow the production on therapeutic marijuana oil. The Senate voted 39 to 0 in favor with one senator not voting. Watching the vote was a very emotional time for parents with severely epileptic children who have struggled to obtain the oils to treat their children.

There was a law intended to it easier for people with severe forms of epilepsy to use oils stemmed from marijuana to help ease the weakening seizures. Thankfully it was passed by the General Assembly last year. It provided a pathway for epileptics or their legal guardian to avoid prosecution for possession of CBD and THC-A oil.

Even though it made it easier for them to possess it, it did not make it easier for patients to obtain the oils. Oils are sold legally in Colorado but shipping them to another state violates federal law. There is the possibility of traveling to Colorado and transporting the oil themselves but the oil only has a shelf-life of 30 days.

Thankfully the current bill would direct the board to start to develop the regulations for a pharmaceutical processor to obtain their permit from the state Board of Pharmacy so they can start producing oils.

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