Is cannabis safer than alcohol?

Summary and opinion by Daniel Davison.

Cannabis in many studies, has been proven in many occasions to be safer than alcohol. Depending on how you use it, you can just be as successful and as rich as your fellow man/woman.

A new study published to clinical psychological science journal, shows that there is a link between heavily smoking cannabis and economic and social problems, such as lower paid, less skills jobs, and cannabis users are not fulfilling their parents expectations. The study also shows that long term users pose a threat in the workplace, as yard more likely to lie to get the job and are more likely to steal once they succeed getting the placement. It is believed that if cannabis was to be legalized, the economic and social burden from cannabis users could increase as well.

From my experience as a cannabis user, cannabis has never posed a threat to my social and economic stature. The thing people forget about cannabis is that it not only used to get you high. Form a young age, I have always suffered with anxiety and getting up and out of the house. I quit college, hoping something would come to help change my life. I have always found that cannabis always gives me the confidence I need and suppresses all anxious feelings. The difference is, I don't smoke to get high. For me, one puff is enough. Cannabis is part of my day to day life, and no longer gives me a buzz, but instead a medicinal effect.

I do believe that you can become addicted to cannabis, the same way that you can with anything satisfying, and like any addiction it can take you to a bad place. However, unlike tobacco and alcohol addicts, help isn't as openly available for those using cannabis due to bad stigma towards the cannabis community. 

As cannabis becomes more widely available, and more countries begin to legalize, cannabis users will no longer feel like criminals and addicts can seek the help they need. Even if cannabis becomes legal all over the world, the best piece of advice is to take a tolerance break.

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