Athletes’ new workout tool

Summary and opinion by Mariama McGee.

Many residents of a now legalized recreational state are wondering if it is safe to incorporate marijuana into their exercise. However there is not large amount of evidence about marijuana and its effects on the human body.

But professional athlete, Robert Szatkwski or as he is known in the ring, Rob Van Dam has provided his body as testimony. Rob has been a professional wrestler for more than two decades. He has once held the Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment championship simultaneously. Rob says that he doesn’t think of marijuana as a performance enhancer but yet as a life enhancer that has formed a real part of his daily life. He has been known to smoking throughout the day and it has helped him in thinking positive vibes as performing in front of millions of people can be very pressuring.

The agreement that marijuana can put users in a positive and relaxed mindset is also a reason that marijuana can be a performance enhancing drug. It can provide athlete serenity and confidence.

However some studies say otherwise. In 2006, an article in British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that marijuana created a certain heaviness, marked relaxation, and excessive fatigue of limbs with detrimental effects of the lungs.  Yet a study in 2012 by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that there was no evidence that marijuana adversely affects pulmonary function and that smoking also increased lung capacity.

Another athletic cannabis advocate is Ross Rebagliati. Rebagliati won the first Olympic gold medal ever for snowboarding n 1998 however it was taken away for a brief moment when he tested positive for marijuana. The official alter realized that it wasn’t yet on the list on banned substances. After that, he went into the medical marijuana business and has said that “the focus and motivation combined that cannabis provided gives you a better workout.”

Rebagliati said that it’s a natural way to spice up the repetitive workouts that athletes endure while also having the ability to become more focused.

One other athlete advocate is Cliff Robinson also known as Uncle Cliffy or Uncle Spliffy. Robinson had an 18 year career in the NBA and was the 1993 Sixth Man of the Year. He was suspended twice for marijuana use during his career. He has now planned to enter the Oregon market to produce marijuana for athletes.

Dam and Rebagliati revealed that marijuana comes in different strains and depending on the strain, some are better suited for high-energy activities while others for the classic “stoner” couch potato behavior. They also speculated that significant heart rate problems might be a result of consuming too much marijuana in given sessions and that athletes should just do one small puff to get started.

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