Company Finds Creative Way to Deliver Cannabis with Juice

Summary and opinion bu Wendy Anderson.

Those of us who ever watched Half Baked back in the nineties remember Dave Chappelle telling us about their “marijuana delivery service”. Back then it was more underground and definitely illegal, but Washington D.C. has a new delivery service. Something more up to code, so to say, with Initiative 71 that was passed back in 2014.

When you go to the website you can order cold-pressed juice and then after that, if you so desire, there is an option for “Love” or “Lots of Love”. Those options are the options for cannabis. Love adds an extra $44 and an eighth of cannabis to the $11 juice charge. Lots of Love brings the total to $150. They don’t charge any tax or delivery fee on top of the amounts already figured which seems to be an easy system.

Entrepreneurs trying to run cannabis businesses have had to be creative due to the hindering wording of Initiative 71. It is legal to possess up to 2 ounces in the district and legal to transfer up to an ounce, but here’s the catch- “as long as no money, goods, or services are exchanged”.

My Opinion: It kind of feels like they are just trying to set people up for failure here instead of helping them. When people vote for something why does it always come down to shady wording that will only hurt them in the long run? These officials are supposed to be listening to them and working for them yet they are constantly ignoring them and holding them back! This should be an awesome business venture not some loophole to try to make a living.

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