Doctors are Lining Up to Legalize Cannabis

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson.

A group has formed consisting of over 50 physicians, a former surgeon general, and faculty members of the nation’s top medical schools, which is the first to call on states and the federal government to legalize and regulate the use of cannabis for adult use medically.

The name of this group is Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) and they will be announcing its formation Monday. The group argues that the prohibition and criminalization of cannabis only does more harm to the public with the number of arrests being in the hundreds of thousands, as well as keeping the the business in the hands of violent drug dealers. The doctors say creating a legal and regulated market will help to ensure more safety all around. It’ll help fight the illegal drug trade and cut back on the negative consequences of strict policies on disadvantaged communities.
Of course there are opposing views from some medical professionals. Robert DuPont, the second White House drug czar and first director of The National Institute on Drug Abuse, feels that “the idea that we cannot manage the health problems related to marijuana because it’s illegal, that doctors are somehow inhibited from dealing with marijuana use and marijuana problems, is completely wrong”. He goes on to say “The idea that legalizing is going to stop the illegal market is equally stupid.”

My Opinion: Those statements go to show that the people in very important drug positions aren’t paying attention at all. Look at the statistics in the states that have legalized. Crime has gone down because marijuana is being taken out of the hands of the drug dealers. Also medical professional are constantly inhibited from trying to help those patients that they would like to treat with with cannabis because they are constantly in fear of losing their licenses over it and it hasn’t been given the decent amount of study time it needs to be considered viable treatments. Completely wrong, are you kidding? Why can’t the drug czar of the White House see that simple logic? Maybe it’s time to start listening more to a group of educated doctors like the DFCR and less to the outdated Reefer Madness group that has been proven wrong over and over again.

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