Celebration in Vancouver, B.C. for the Being so close to National Legalization. Go Canada!

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau introduced plans today on legalizing cannabis nationwide by Spring of 2017 to the United Nation’s meeting of Drugs in New York. Part of the legislation outlines how they plan on keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and profits out of the hands of criminals.

Some citizens are concerned about the legalization process being in the hands of a former police chief. They feel that the wording is too strong with strict regulation. Others are optimistic and show faith in their prime minister.

The 420 event in Vancouver was looking to double its normal interest due to this special occasion. Organizer Jeremiah Vandermeer said it may turn out to be the largest 4/20 event ever in Vancouver.

The business end of this event did very well too. The event cost $160,000 to put on, but between advertising and booth rentals they made it back right away. They have even had to change locations in recent years due to the increasing popularity this festival has gained.

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