Massachusetts Senators Visit Colorado for Some Enlightenment before voting to Legalize Cannabis

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson.

When watching and listening to how many lawmakers talk about cannabis, it becomes perfectly clear as to why the this nonlethal plant is still in the prohibition fight, they know nothing about it! They have had the blinders pulled over their eyes and never made the effort to pull them off.

Eight Massachusetts Senators, brought together last year to form the legislation for hopefully making it the fifth state to legalize cannabis, made a trip to Colorado in January of this year to gain clarity on how the entire system works from seed to sale. Videos can be accessed showing the Senators being educated by the budtenders about how to use the pipes or roll joints, what the different types of cannabis there are and how they affect people, and learning about strains. They also visited different growers and distributors.

Their main issue with legalizing recreational cannabis is that they believe the edibles could cause overdoses, or end up in the hands of children causing accidents. They were also concerned with driving under the influence of THC and wanted to look into legal blood THC limit like with alcohol.

They are focusing much more on the business side of legalizing and looking at it very negatively, it seems, rather than listening to the voters who have overwhelmingly voted for legalizing twice in the last 8 years. It was very nice to see them do the footwork and research! Education is the key to progression. Let’s hope for the benefit of the people of Massachusetts they will do a bit more unbiased research to help push the progress further by the time fall comes.

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