Cannabis Appears at the Interphex Conference

Summary and opinion by Quinton Waldon.

The largest pharmaceutical manufacturing conference is taking place this week in New York.The conference is called Interphex. Usually the pharmaceutical industry pushes harmful substances, and historically ignores the medical properties of whole plant cannabis. But  there is gonna be a cannabis presence at the event this year.

There’s going to be a presentation called ‘Medicine Authenticity: From Seed to Solution with Leaps in Cannabis Progress’ led by Leslie Bocksor and Pamela Johnston from Electrum Partners. They Both possess a great deal of knowledge about the cannabis plant and its properties and they will be talking quite a bit about the benefits of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV).

THCV has many different  types of ailments that can help with the health issues of the people. It can serve as an appetite suppressant, in addition to other things. THCV has the potential to to save the healthcare system and economy since it can be used very effectively to combat diabetes and Help obese people lose weight as among other things as well.

Pamela Johnston has a very electric personality and a big love for the cannabis plant. She surely  will be dropping cannabis knowledge that will appeal to the industry. Leslie Bocskor is one of the biggest champions for the cannabis plant. Between these two it seem cannabis has very reliable representatives in the Interphex conference.

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