The Coast Guard Saves Man in Inflatable Hamster Wheel for the Second Time

Summary and opinion by Quinton Waldon. 

Around October, 2014 a marathon runner had set off on a voyage to travel from Miami to Bermuda. He had planned to make the trip across the ocean in a inflatable hamster ball running all the way there. But sadly he didn’t even make it half way and he had to be rescued by the coast guard.

Now, you would think that since the man nearly lost his life during the voyage he would never make another attempt right? Well you would think wrong, for he has done it again. Monday, April 25, the marathon runner had to be rescued again. Pissing off the coast guards and making them go through another expensive procedure to save his life.

The organization wasn't happy about it, as it posted a series of critical tweets stating that the aspiring bubble runner had  disregarded its safety orders. Earlier this month, the Coast Guard had ordered the runner not to depart "because your vessels and the conditions under which you are attempting to complete your voyage to Bermuda is unsafe," in a letter.

The runner claimed that he was making the voyage to raise "money for children in need and to inspire those that have lost hope for a better future". Which is a very noble cause, but he knew that the voyage was impossible with the equipment he had to use. He not only disregarded the orders of the coast guard. He also disregarded his life and the taxpayers money which went into his rescue mission.

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