Pot Video Cost Laremy Tunsil Millions

Summary and opinion by Quinton Waldon.

The Number 1 pick in the NFL was Laremy Tunsil. He had millions of dollars coming his way from several different teams. But all that changed when a old video of him smoking weed throw a gas mask went viral.

The University of Mississippi offensive tackle went from top pick to 13th pick when the pot video was released.The clip was posted on Tunsil's Twitter account, which he closed shortly afterward. But by then, the video had already gone viral. Tunsil said his account was hacked. After the Miami Dolphins choose Tunsil. He told Deion Sanders That “  it was a mistake. It happened years ago," and “someone had my Twitter account and that's how it got on there."

Later after the draft Laremy got hacked again. But this time it was his instagram instead of his twitter. What was posted was a screenshot of an alleged exchange between the player and a member of the Ole Miss athletics department regarding payment of his mother's $305 utility bill. Which is a major NCAA violation.

Well it’s clear that Laremy is being targeted by someone out to get him. The NFL shouldn’t even acknowledge the attack on him. It isn’t fair that one should suffer under the spite of another. Also he was the number 1 pick in the NFL and tha changed all because of an old video of him smoking pot. Yeah, to be fair smoking shouldn’t be associated with sports. But he was smoking he still had the ability to impress when the world didn’t know. So instead of looking down on him they should have been more impressed and looking forward to see how he performs without smoking.

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