Paper claiming DNA Damage by Cannabis Debunked Immediately

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson.

A new “study” out of Australia has been completely debunked by one of the leading cannabinoid researchers Ethan Russo.

Last week Associate Professor Stuart Reece and Professor Gary Hulse at the University of Western Australia released a paper claiming that cannabis caused DNA mutations which are passed down generation to generation. They claimed that someone who didn’t even use the drug could have life-threatening genetic mutations passed down to them if a parent or grandparent used this dangerous drug. They also claimed that cannabis causes aggressive childhood cancers.
Here is the catch though, the authors of this paper which received so much publicity did no actual research! They have no actual research of their own to back up their claims. They only reviewed other studies.

When Ethan Russo was contacted he stated: “this report is based on a foundation of falsehoods. Cannabis is not a mutagenic, nor is it a teratogenic, or carcinogenic. Countless animal studies and human epidemiological support its relative safety in this regard.”

The paper was obviously not conducted in an appropriate scientific method or format. They never showed any evidence of how the research reviewed was controlled for byproducts of smoking, or other drugs which are carcinogenic.
The paper lacks basic information and doesn’t take into account the many other constant stressors affecting our bodies everyday that tend to mutate DNA and cause cancer.

My Opinion: It’s obvious they had an extremely biased agenda with this paper. It’s an embarrassment to the science community and those that actually do work to better this world. No matter what your view is on cannabis, putting out false papers and calling them studies to manipulate people for personal propaganda is unethical. It’s wrong, and all you’re doing digging a professional grave for yourselves. Congratulations reefer-maddness followers you’ve just shoveled more onto the pile of fear mongering. I hope you feel proud. It’s not true science and the intelligent people will always see through your manipulations. 

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