Medical Marijuana Sales Up Nearly 50% in Maine

Photo Credit: Lee

Over the past year medical marijuana sales have increased in Maine by 50 percent, according to Maine Revenue Services. Becky DeKuester, co-founder of Wellness Connection of Maine, a medical marijuana distributor, believes that one reason for this could be negative feelings toward the state’s opiate epidemic. According to her, such feelings have pushed people to pursue other methods to relieve chronic pain. Advocates of marijuana legalization say these increased numbers demonstrate public acceptance of marijuana, and have used them to argue that residents should be able to vote on full legalization in this year’s election. In fact, there is a petition with 90,000 signatures currently that will push the state legislature to put forth a referendum for legalization this year.

Among other evidence of growing acceptance, earlier this year, Wellness Connection had to apply to expand operations in Auburn County, in part due to the demand by patients for more medical marijuana. While supporters and opponents still disagree on this initiative, one thing is clear: the medical marijuana industry in Maine is booming, and the state could be in for full legalization soon.

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