Kansas Supreme Court Shuts Down Local Marijuana Vote

Marijuana advocacy took a loss on Friday when the Kansas Supreme Court denied a voter-approved referendum to minimize penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana in Wichita. Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt brought the case before the Supreme Court citing state law as the reason that punishments should be no different in Wichita than any other city in Kansas. Nonetheless, one of the lead activists in the case, Esau Freeman, expressed his discontent for the court’s ruling, saying that it was denied on a technicality.

He stated that, “since [voters] did get 54 percent of the vote,” he would like the City Council to look over the specifics again. Regardless of the 3,000 signatures on the petition to get this initiative on the ballot, however, the City Council says that it respects the Supreme Court’s decision and will not fight any further. Unfortunately, it seems as though Kansas will be left behind as the rest of American moves forward on progressive, responsible marijuana laws.

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