Florida Looks to Strengthen Medical Marijuana Regulations

The State of Florida may give patients increasing access to medical marijuana with a new state Senate Bill. The Bill, Senate Bill 460, giving patients with terminal illnesses greater access to medical marijuana, was discussed by Sen. Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island) at the State Fiscal Policy Committee meeting on January 20.

According to Sen. Bradley, the purpose of the bill would be to impose stricter regulations to ensure Florida doesn’t repeat other states’ mistakes by making it more difficult for physicians, dispensing organizations and retail facilities to access and sell medical marijuana. Executive director of NORML, Bruce Margolin, commended the bill, saying that its regulations will show a marketed improvement to those lacking in other states. Jeffrey Sharkey, executive director of the Medical Marijuana Business Association, concurred with Margolin’s assessment saying that “we endorse the concept (of Senate Bill 460) and certainly support the effort by Sen. Bradley…We think it’s a positive option for terminally ill patients.” Furthermore, the bill clearly offers a safe framework for medical marijuana to be implemented safely in the state.

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