Massachusetts Senators Wearily Visit Colorado, Get Familiar with Laws

A special committee of eight Massachusetts state senators went to Colorado earlier this month to familiarize themselves with the substance they will be legislating. In order to prepare themselves for the likely future that Massachusetts residents will vote for the legalization of marijuana, the five opposed and three undecided senators took the trip. While they got to visit dispensaries in Colorado, they also met with Public Health officials and various police chiefs to understand the initiative from a legal and healthcare standpoint.

While the five senators who are mainly opposed to the measure made sure not to get too knowledgeable about marijuana overall, they demonstrated their openness to at least understanding Colorado’s initiatives more thoroughly. One of the undecided senators, James T. Welch, was more positive saying that while he has “many concerns, especially the potential impact on our youth, I am confident that should the ballot question pass we can implement a safe and heavily regulated system.” It seems as though Massachusetts will be on the right path for responsible marijuana laws overall.

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