Maine Will Likely Vote for Marijuana Legalization in November

Thanks to a petition, Maine voters are poised to vote for full marijuana legalization in the November election. Today, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol handed in 103,000 signatures for its petition when only 61,000 valid signatures were needed.

While some doubt the high number of raw signatures on the petition, it is highly likely that the number of raw signatures is enough to validate the petition for approval on the ballot. “Over the past eight months, we've talked to more than 100,000 voters across the state, from Kittery to Caribou," according to campaign manager David Boyer. "Most Mainers agree it is time to end the failed policy of marijuana prohibition, and they will have the opportunity to do it this November,” he stated further. Moreover, although the path to legalization in Maine got off to a rocky start, it seems that the efforts of pro-legalization groups in the state will lead Maine to full legalization this year.

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