Instagram Kicks the Cannabis Industry Yet Again, Taking Down Dixie Brands and MassRoots

Companies in the cannabis industry are having a difficult time on Instagram. The social media giant deleted two accounts from large players in the field. Both Dixie Brands and MassRoots had their accounts deleted in recent weeks, the former losing over 6000 followers, while MassRoots had over 360 thousand followers.

Chief Marketing Officer of Dixie Brands, Mark Hodas stated that there was no warning from Instagram, nor were there any replies to messages sent for clarification on the action. Dixie Brands has managed to recoup about over 10% of their followers, while at the time of the article, MassRoots still had yet to be reactivated.

There are two differing viewpoints about reactivation however. Hodas, of the CMO, was grateful to have the account reestablished however, the CEO of Dixie Brands Tripp Keber, suggested that the cannabis industry should take a more unified tone, as when he addressed the Canna Awards last year.

There has been some discussion of boycotting the platform, however, again there is no unified front. What some are hoping is that any potential action could at least force Instagram to clarify its policies regarding posting.

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