Boston Marijuana Gold Rush

Douglass Leighton is the co-founder of a Boston based hedge fund called Dutchess, who has been doing his homework lately. He realized that a $50 billion dollar black market business was ready to come into the light in Boston Massachusetts. Being as though he enjoys smoking marijuana casually, he thought it would be a great investment opportunity into this taboo industry.  

Leighton was the first funder in MassRoots, which a Colorado based social network for marijuana users that is traded publicly. MassRoots also has applied to be listed in the NASDAQ Capital Market, which would bring in more investors and create opportunities for employment. Leighton describes himself as an activist and investor, but he does realize with all the money being poured into the pot industry, it could become very competitive. Its just the nature of the business, when big business invest, they are bound to push out the local mom and pop shop and start monopolies. In the end, he is glad that his investments are creating job opportunities for marijuana enthusiast. 

Read the full article here. Article summarized by Monroe Blvd's Principal Marketing Director - John S.

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