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In an interesting turn of events, conservative critic Illya Shapiro, "a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute and editor-in-chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review" urges President Obama to bypass Congress on two pressing topics: immigrant action (not exactly specified by the author) and the complete declassification or reclassification of cannabis as a Schedule III, IV, or V controlled substance.

Anthony Johnson, the author of "Conservative Legal Critic of President Obama Urges Declassifying of Marijuana" lists the potential benefits of the declassification of cannabis or reclassifying cannabis as a Schedule III, IV, or V controlled substance. According to Johnson, reclassifiying cannabis might bear potential benefits for the legal cannabis market and cannabis users. Such benefits would be: helping resolve issues pertaining to public housing; not barring students from receiving loans or financial aid if convicted with the possession of cannabis; allowing businesses to forego the I.R.S's strict policies on the "deduction of business expenses" that only apply to the trafficking of Schedule I and II controlled substances. Johnson's article even goes one step further in stating that President Obama has embraced a feeble stance on the declassification/reclassification of cannabis as a less harmful Scheduled controlled substance.

However, with President Obama's last term coming to an end, the fate of the United States' legal cannabis market and its consumers lies in the hands of the next president. Will the next president continue to embrace the strict and tyrannical policies that encumber the U.S' legal cannabis market or will the next president adopt a more progressive approach towards the declassification/reclassification of cannabis?

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