Edibles Just Got Sweeter

Edibles Just Got Sweeter

May 18, 2017

Mindy Segal showed off some fancy treats last Saturday. Segal, an award-winning pastry chef from Chicago revealed some treats that might include her signature style during the  Professional Dispensaries of Illinois' Medical Marijuana Education Expo in Buffalo Grove.

She owns Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago and has offered to develop products specifically for the medical marijuana industry, becoming the first well-know chef to do so. 

However, the fragmented marijuana laws around the country are hindering her progress somewhat. While she has been working in a small kitchen in Colorado for the time being, she can’t work in Illinois until Cresco Labs, builds a kitchen at its growing center in Joliet.

So far she has three distinct flavors lined up, a candied grapefruit and light chocolate; milk chocolate peanut butter brittle; and a dark chocolate with smoked almonds and caramel. The marijuana will be added in a tasteless oil mixed into the delicacies.

Segal wasn’t the only one showcasing her talents however. Elle Silverman, a specialist at PDI, was showing the crowd how to make infused butter and offered some advice: to go slow when eating edibles as the effects take longer to feel due to ingestion vs inhalation.

“The whole idea behind this is education,” says PDI COO Joseph Friedman who was on hand with CEO Dr Mark H. Mandel to answer questions from expo-goers.

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