NJ Governor's Lack of Compassion Forces a Family to Relocate

NJ Governor's Lack of Compassion Forces a Family to Relocate

May 23, 2017

Vivian Wilson a former NJ state resident was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome(DS) a life threatening form of epilepsy. She first experienced a seizure when she was 2 months old. She has had to endure so much from heart and oxygen monitors, an eye patch (to prevent direct sunlight), catheter, oxygen tanks and various other medical equipment for her condition.

Vivian was qualified for the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program due to her illness and was recommended by her neurologist. Unfortunately the Wilsons were unable to seek additional  psychiatrists and pediatricians willing to approve her for the state's program. New Jersey's law concerning edibles produced a road block for the Wilson's daughter.

The Wilsons then learned of a company growing a strain in Colorado Springs by the Stanley Brothers.The strain known as Charlotte's Web was named after another child with the DS condition. Since NJMMP included numerous restrictions for children, the Wilsons packed up and moved to Colorado.

Governor Christie said, "Vivian Wilson's family chose themselves to leave the state of New Jersey. The fact is we signed into law the ability for children to get medical marijuana under very strict guidelines...This is a medical program, not a recreational program...So you know, I'm sorry, I am an anti-marijuana guy, you are a pro-marijuana guy. That's fine. I'll enforce the federal law."

Brian Wilson, Vivian's dad, said, "Yes, we chose, for ourselves, to leave the state of New Jersey...The choices Governor Christie gave us were to either stay in New Jersey and let Vivian die, or leave the state, leave all of our family and friends, and choose life for our daughter.” Today, almost 2 and a half years later, there are still no edibles for minors in New Jersey.

There may be hope on the horizon as a dispensary in Belmar NJ is in the process of developing lozenges & topical products in a section of their facility, said product could be ready for the state's inspection by April. A NJ Health Department spokeswoman Donna Leusner stated that a dispensary, "...is in the process of building a production area for edibles. We approved the build-out of the facility. Review of the plan is ongoing."

As for the Governor's spin that folks who want to give their children edibles containing THC  for recreational purposes should move to Colorado is absurd! As a father of two I certainly would not condone such actions as I’m sure most parents would not. He also claims that Colorado's school systems #1 problem is that students are bringing in edibles infused with THC. He fails to mention that there are serious pressing issues like school shootings and human trafficking on their agenda as well. If I may add a few more topics, alcohol, drugs, bullying, and, failing grades are being addressed as well. His stand on medicinal cannabis for children with debilitating diseases are a pale comparison to the above aforementioned social issues.

Every human being in need of a progressive, alternative, and effective option such as CBD should be able to investigate for themselves, especially when an open-minded Medical Doctor approvals.

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