Rhode to Legalization

Summary and opinion by John S

If its not one thing its another. Current Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo seems to have a personal vendetta to squeeze the medical marijuana industry for tax purposes. On the bright side, there are a couple of lawmakers that are ready to tag team the house and the senate with legislation. Both proposals, one by Representative Scott Slater and the other by Joshua Miller, want a tax and regulated system that would allow adults of 21yrs of age to purchase cannabis similar to the way alcohol is bought and sold. It would also eliminate criminal penalties for those caught in possession of marijuana who are under age.  

Recently the governor revealed a proposed budget for a creative way of generating $8 billion in tax revenue. It would cost caregivers $350 per plant and $150 for patients. Many marijuana advocates feel that the budget is misguided because patients do not grow in order to produce income, also its illegal to do so. Both Slater and Miller agree, that the tax burden should be placed more on recreational users instead of the patients using their medicine. Why would you want tax a medicine that helps the sick, I don't see any taxes on chemotherapy or blood pressure pills, oh wait their legal, never mind.

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