Possible Pot Clubs In District of Columbia

Summary and opinion by Mariama McGee.

District of Columbia already passed the law for recreational use of marijuana last February but now they are looking at the possibility of Pot Clubs. For this possibility, they have created a temporary restriction on smoking in private clubs and anywhere outside of a private residence. Anywhere meaning also the businesses licensed to allow consumption on their property.  The ban is in effect until they find a concrete way to establish these clubs. DC’s recreational law allows residents to grow and possess a small amount of marijuana. Some might argue that the federal marijuana ban also includes people living in federal property so there are some conflictions between the two laws. 

I personally think that the pot clubs would be a great idea. It gives residents a safe, private place to smoke without the anxiety or worries of smoking inside their house.  The article brought up that one of the worries are smoking in front of children which is a major problem for smokers with families. I also think that the Pot Clubs could be a very good way of marketing for marijuana businesses. It can be a place for businesses to be able to sell without judgment and a high market of clients. I cannot wait till they finalize and discuss their possible ideas for upcoming pot clubs.

Read the full article here.

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