Cannabis Cruise 2016: A Maiden Voyage

Summary and opinion by John Fouts

Ever wanted to ‘sail the open seas’ while drifting serenely toward a trade show where you can consume copious amounts of cannabis?  Well in a first of its kind venture taking place in October of 2016, several business-minded cannabis industry professionals will have the opportunity to do just that.  Sounds like a dream, right?  James Lee, founder and visionary behind Skill Stix and Dabvertising, has been working at turning that dream into reality for about a year.

He partnered with Canna-Travel to land a deal with an international cruise company.  The cruise slated to take place on October 24th, 2016 will sail from Florida to Jamaica where a trade-show will take place for cannabis.  Cruise-goers will not be allowed to possess on-board due to international laws.  Once docked at port in Jamaica, however, a sea of green will await!  More information on the cruise including price, ticket, and cruise line information is expected to be released sometime in March.

My opinion: I think the idea of a cruise to Jamaica sounds great!  I am not sure that the event should be listed as a cannabis cruise when no product will be on board the ship itself.  Nonetheless, it would be an amazing experience and I am certain the trade show would be an experience all on its own.

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