Rep. Hurst Kills Washington Marijuana Home Grow Bill

The Home Grow Bill will not be heard by Washington State’s Commerce and Gaming. Chair Rep. Christopher Hurst the former narcotics cop would not concede a committee vote. Hurst recommends cannabis confiscated from medical marijuana by law enforcement be moved to auction. The Bill was sponsored by Rep.Cary Condotta,Rep.Brian Blake,and Rep. Jessyn Farrell and would have enabled medical marijuana patients to grow their own medicine.

July 1, of this year SB 5052 implementation will forcibly close medicinal cannabis providers and dispensaries. I could be mindful of the proprietors with the I-502 license stance to oppose the home grow due to their profits...but no one should be denied safe and affordable access to their medicine. Advocates were dismayed and patients are now unqualified to grow their own medicine. This bill puts a constraint on patients, they have to pay almost double for their prescriptions from I-502 recreational stores. Medical Marijuana dispensaries quality and prices of cannabis are now prohibited due to Rep.Hurst and the I-502 owners.

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires. Read the full article here.

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