There is a Dynamic Appeal for Medicinal Marijuana

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires.

The Latest Drug and Alcohol Review from British Columbia, published 1/26/16. The new study shows cannabis is the overwhelming majority with (80.6) percent becoming the choice medicine over prescription medications. The Center for Addictions Research surveyed 473 adult cannabis users with 86 percent of the participators opting to fore go the “booze” “scripts”, and other sorts of illicit narcotics for the leafy green.

There is a new generation of individuals who understands the benefits of a safer and more effective use of medicinal marijuana. These alternative minds recognize the adverse, addictive and serious side effects of prescription drugs. Cannabis is already being substituted to treat numerous illnesses instead of: VICODIN (PAINKILLERS), XANAX (ANTI-ANXIETY), ADDERALL (STIMULANTS), AMBIEN (SLEEP AIDS) and ZOLOFT (ANTIDEPRESSANTS.

With the vast amount of time, research and medical studies concluded the best choice is cannabis. Now if you would please excuse me…it is time to medicate.

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