Cannabis arrests historic high in New Jersey

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires.

Republican Governor Chris Christie is a staunch marijuana prohibitionists had promised to enforce federal laws and “those” legalized states during his” run for the White House” tour. He returned home to deal with the NJ Assembly Democrats who have a slight bi-partisan advantage which favors the discrimination of marijuana.

Republican Senator Joe Kyrillos favors decriminalizing cannabis but most of his party’s view differ including the Governor. Christie will now be tested if he favors treatment over criminal enforcement. Hopefully Christie is in favor of decriminalization, it could save millions for New Jersey, money that should be invested into our states social issues education/addiction. Democratic State Senator Nicholas Scutari oversaw a hearing concerning legalization in New Jersey. He should have noted that Colorado made $200 million in tax revenue last year and is nearly half of NJ’s population. Here are our States Bills of concern:

A2050-This bill with the most co-sponsors is a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession. This one has the most promise to be passed. A2068-Deals with full legalization. Not with Governor Christie in office. A2216- Would allow medical marijuana facilities to be located on tracts of protected NJ farmland. Back in 2011 Licensed Alternative Treatment Centers were challenged with zoning ordinances in certain towns.A2482- offers additional workplace protections for registered medical marijuana patients.

This bill A2050 was received by the States Senate in June of 2012. Welcome back Governor there are important issue that await you. I vote “Legalization with-out Regulation!”

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