The Pros of a Local Marijuana Dispensary

The Pros of a Local Marijuana Dispensary

May 24, 2017

Dispensaries are consistent in their products variety, quality and top of the line premium strains of herb. This includes your buds being weighed to the gram (not including the baggie). Better pricing as compared with illegal states, you are buying at a going rate of three times those prices of dispensaries in legal states. Customer services is important your “Budtender” (not friend of a friend) is knowledgeable and encourages you to ask questions and shop around. Weather you have medicinal needs or a recreational night out…the budtender has what ails you. Selections also include an array of baked goods, candies, and hash oils. The deals are often and daily, hourly, monthly whatever they are exceptional. I never had a customer appreciation day.

Dispensary taxes from marijuana will give any states economy a much needed boost. The hundreds of millions of dollars should be distributed with accordance to the states social issues importance. There is no doubt about a thriving economy and community where weed is legal. While competing with another giant global commodity Colorado’s dispensaries out pace Starbucks 2:1

Here is one more… you won’t get jacked or your necklace ripped from your neck during the deal by going to unknown or undesirable arears like Harlem. Possible arrest and paranoia are all part of the not so routine street transaction. But I might not know anything about that.

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