Hawaii’s Online Registry Accelerating Registration of Medical Marijuana

Registration cards for patients who require medical marijuana for their ailments are now getting into their hands more quickly. Hawaii’s Department of Health (DOH) said that the reason for the quick turnaround on registration cards was the result of a new online registry system.

While some people are questioning the efficiency of the system, Scottina Ruis, medical marijuana registry program coordinator said, “Without compromising the integrity of our review process or the safety of Hawaii’s people, we brought everything up to speed and improved our processing time so that patients can receive their registration cards faster.” Since the registry program moved from the Department of Public Safety to the DOH the number of patients, and the ease with which they are added to the system, is much more streamlined. However, the department still needs more employees. The DOH is hoping to get more state funding in order to hire more people for these services. This is just another demonstration of the continued necessity of medical marijuana.

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