It is a HEMP Party

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires.

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party. 

The organizations goal is to endorse cannabis legislation and candidates who contest elections and vote to re-legalize and regulate cannabis for industrial, personal and medical purposes. Here are their reasons for such a movement. Alternative recreational use, a healthy food source, fuel, fiber, cosmetics, and medicine. Under license industrial hemp is legally grown in all of the states.

On June 17th 2010 the HEMP party’s application had been passed by the delegates and there were no objections. They officially became a Registered Party registered under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

The United States has taken out a patent on cannabis because of its beneficial factors. The hypocrisy of this is the fact that marijuana is still a schedule 1 narcotic. Regardless of the support from groups of physicians and nurses including the AMA they have petitioned the rescheduling of cannabis.

I would be pleased to say that we all could vote for the HEMP Party in this coming election in November but… they are located in Australia. We could learn something from these guys.


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