2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup Might be a No-Go

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson.

Adams County Commissioners unanimously voted on Tuesday to deny a permit for the extremely popular High Times Cannabis Cup Event which is an outdoor marijuana vendor event that coincides with the 4/20 celebration.

They took testimonies from law enforcement officials who said that last year there were too many people sampling the cannabis products in public, which is illegal and dangerous. North Metro Drug Task Force Commander Todd Reeves said a military vet had breathing problems after sampling some product and a woman jumped out of a moving vehicle.

Denver Mart Co-Owner John Doyle told the commissioners a new set of rules had been drawn up including controlling the size of the crowd and capping it off at 15,000 people. Last year there were up to 35,000 people visiting the event per day.

He also said they wanted to require the attendees to park in off site parking and shuttle to the event which would help cut down immensely on traffic issues.

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