Medical Marijuana Bills causes a Buzz for Beehive State

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires.

State Bill 73 & 89, two competing bills goes to a vote today in Utah. One will enable Utah’s citizen’s access to cannabis for specific illnesses. The utilization of medical marijuana will probable restrict the combustion of the herb, but will allow it to be consumed in oil and edible forms. Sen Mark Madsen was first to propose state bill 73 legalization of medicinal marijuana. His reasoning is his concern for suffering citizens with cancer and chemotherapy treatments, epilepsy, AIDS and an array of other debilitating health conditions. Constitutes are in dire need of proper medical attention.

Utah is a conservative state with a large population of Latter Day Saints Mormons who firmly oppose cannabis. The LDS church response if the bill should pass that there will be “unintended consequences.”  The state also includes far right republicans who no doubt will flex their political muscle. SB 89 is so hostile towards medicinal marijuana that only a small percentage of the state’s recipients would qualify for the MMJ program.  Opposing such a compassionate bill will eventually have its showdown at the next States Senate session.

An independent poll shows that almost 65% approve the use of medical cannabis in Utah. Once considered a regressive and restrictive state, legalization on the salt flats may be moving in the right direction. Utah’s moto is “Industry”. So it would only be fitting that Utah joins the billion dollar industry of… “WEED”.

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