Hey Sister have you got a “Dime”

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires.

Merced California, the nuns or Sisters of the Valley are on a mission to save the world with God’s medicine.  

The non-religious and yet spiritual nuns sell some high quality CBD oils and saves. The tonics, and tinctures are loaded with cannabis oils and are organic certified. The Sister feelings are to embrace cannabis as a cure for cancer as well heal the likes of hangover, migraines, tooth ache, diaper rash etc. Supposedly the technique for the making of their products is from an ancient ritual and the winter solstice moon. Sister Kate and Sister Darcy’s group have been cultivating and selling marijuana for medicinal purposes for over three years now. Their products can be purchased on their Etsy sites. 

The Medical use of marijuana in California was legalized with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. October 2015 the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, gave revisions to the medicinal law, in turn gave municipalities the power to ban certain aspects of cultivation. The Merced City Council voted 6-0 to temporary ban the cultivation in their city. With the November ballot looming, legalization of the use of recreational marijuana is eminent. So to the city council, your vote may be rendered irrelevant.

As Paulie Walnuts of the Sopranos would say” hey Father you need to do something about those F!@#$%

C&#% up there!”

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