B e r n on B u r n

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires

The Democrat’s candidate for the Presidency filed a bill to legalize Marijuana. It was filed by the Independent from Vermont Bernie Sanders. This bill will be challenged by the Republican’s short sided controlled Senate. The bill aka “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015,”

Sanders explanation for the bill was to allow each state their 10th amendment right for suoverioty. This is for states to make the decision on marijuana without Federal involvement. This bill will aid in distributors (of legal states) who banks are in unfavorable terms due to the technicality of the Federal law. Unfortunately New Mexico’s State Senate just denied their citizens a ballot inactive last Sunday. The New Mexico constitutes will not be given their constitutional right to vote for the yeah or nay of legalization.

Mr. Sanders appeal as a liberal has proven popular with the young base of voters among others. Almost every day 12,000 new voters turn 18 years old. With almost 80 million strong millennials at his side, Bernie Sanders has a strong chance to be our next President.

The Federal stigma or criminalization of cannabis could someday soon become a thing of the past. With four and a half states (Sorry DC) legal and 23 open-minded enough to provide some kind of compassionate care program for their patients, a change to our controlled substance act is just what this country needs. There may be dope, I mean hope at the end of the rainbow.

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