Former Surgeon General Supports Bernie Sanders’s Marijuana Descheduling Plan

Former Clinton administration Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders recently spoke with Marijuana Politics and voiced her support for Bernie Sanders’s plan to reschedule marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act completely.

While expressing her support for Sanders’s plan, Dr. Elders said, “You know, we don’t have cigarettes [in the Controlled Substances Act]. We don’t have alcohol on it. So I think that marijuana should be removed and studied and looked at.” This is no different from her previous stance in the 90s that drug legalization should have been studied as a means to reduce crime.

While she was asked to resign due to her comments then, changing attitudes are making her beliefs more viable today, especially with various candidates who support legalization for various purposes, even tacitly. However, Bernie Sanders is still the only candidate to support full legalization of marijuana, and this backing could bring his plan to fruition should he be elected into office.

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