Primary school warns over parents 'using cannabis'

Summary and opinion by Daniel Davison.

A primary school in Manchester, England send home a letter with each child to inform parents that there daily wake and bake outside the school gates whilst dropping of their children off has been brought to staffs attention.

The deputy head teacher says that she was notified on more than one occasion by parents and also by some of the older students. She also says that the school should be a place for learning and people on school property should set an appropriate example within the community.

I think I can speak for many people in the cannabis community and say that it is sad to see this in the media. We have so many people who's lives are spent rallying to break the sigma around cannabis and it's only takes a couple of people who do not know not to smoke around kids to make us all look bad.

If I was to see a parent dropping there kids of at school with a bottle of jack Daniels I would mortified. Children should be wake up to a drug free environment but I do believe as soon as kids are out of site light up the pipe.

At the end of the day people are going to make up there own minds on where to smoke cannabis but I think we should play our cards right and hopefully that will set us up for the future.

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