Making a Friendly Face of Everyday Pastime

Summary and opinion by Mariama McGee.

Businesses in Silicon Valley have been trying to give marijuana a more friendly face when it comes to purchasing it. In making it friendlier, they are also changing the stereotypical Rasta/ganja image of marijuana. HelloMD founder, Mark Hadfield said, “ What we see is moms, dads, professionals, old people, everyone wanting access to cannabis”. The "everyday America" is the largely growing market that HelloMD is trying to appeal to.  HelloMD is a start-up business that connects patients and doctors instantly over the Internet. 

Technology is bringing efficiency and simplicity to the industry.  The cannabis industry generated an estimated 2.4 billion in 2014 so imagine how much it will generate with Internet. Not only can you get a medical “ recommendation” which is a technical equivalent of a prescription online but you can also find a service that would deliver your prescription to your door. The process apparently is easier than ordering delivery.  

Although the process seems so easy, realistically it is not for everyone. The marijuana business is not as easy breezy as everyone thinks. It takes time trying to raise money for the company since most investors are private individuals. Any simple connection for a business such as a lawyer or a marketing firm is a low likelihood since the federal government still considers marijuana illegal. Yet it has been and still will be a long battle, California is the biggest factor. Once California becomes legal, many states will follow.

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