The C Word

Summary and opinion by Daniel Davison.

David an English man from Liverpool and father of 3 was diagnosed with bowel cancer at only 30 years old. David tried many types of treatments including radiation and chemotherapy and still not would rid him of his cancer. After being told he only had 2 years to live at the age of 33 he was told his cancer was no more . This was the result of David hitting rock bottom and feeling as if he has no were to turn. He started to look for alternatives on the Internet and came across cannabis oil.

He says that cannabis gave him better quality of life and though he does not believe it single handedly cured his cancer he does believe that it was a very large factor.

How sad is it that David had to break the law to save his own life ? Why are people in the likes of Colorado, Amsterdam even Spain aloud to use this life saving drug ? This is yet another fight for civil rights. We have fought for race equality, gender equality, lgbtq right and now it is time to sand for cannabis.

Luckily us in England we have the nhs to sort out our medical bills but how great would it be if every body could grow this cancer curing drug in there back garden for free. The pharmaceutical company's may not see the good side in that but I'm happy to say that I am a down to earth stoner who dose not care about profit but only the livelihood of others.

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