National Cannabis Fest Kickoff

Summary and opinion by John Fouts. 

The first ever National Cannabis Festival is slated to take place this year in Washington D.C. at the RFK Stadium Festival Grounds on April 23, 2016.  Our nation’s capital is home to many firsts, so why not host the first national festival surrounding cannabis too?

The importance of 2016 regarding its status as a political year makes D.C. an ideal place to hold the first annual festival surrounding the herb.  It is important to keep policy issues about cannabis on the radar for members of congress and presidential candidates especially involving celebration of progress on law reform and steps toward the end of cannabis prohibition.

This unique festival will be made up of a full day concert, vendor and advocacy fairs, and an education pavilion.  Tickets to the event are $35, and more information can be found online at National Cannabis Festival website.

My Opinion: A festival revolving around cannabis taking place in Washington D.C. shows true progress toward policy reform in the country.  I am proud of the organizers of the festival for putting together such a meaningful event. 

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