Realistic version of “Just Say No”

Summary and opinion by Mariama McGee.

Before the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana, it was easy for parents and educators to say that all drugs including marijuana are bad. Now there is much confusion on what they should tell them.  Most say that their role is not just to convince the parents and students that drugs are moral and legal issue, but a more of a healthy risk. Which it is, marijuana can lead to low school performance; Most students attempt their best in school or most parents want their children to succeed, so they may view weed as a...?

At first, minors who stopped using drugs did it for the reasons of getting caught with the law and disappointing their family. Legalization has made marijuana more available and less of a mental barrier for minor trying to use drugs.  

Because of this, drug prevention experts say that the new goal should be to focus on the practical reason to delay the use of drugs until they are older. The reason for this is because the brain does not fully develop until the early 20s. So if you add in drug use before the brain’s full maturity, it can lead to the loss of IQ points and low scores on SATs. If you promote this to high school students who clearly care about getting into better colleges, they will listen.

 As a student in my early 20s, I personally support this. Telling minors not to try a drug is just going to push them to use it more, but if you add the effects that it might have on their chance of getting into their dream college and their future, it may just break their use. 

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