Freedom or Friendship

Summary and opinion by Daniel Davison.

There are many things you should be careful of when you are going to grow cannabis. From making sure your equipment is set up right to making sure your set up is hush hush. Gary Gladding from Grimsby though he had no problems. He was on his way to a happy Christmas after he was to sell his 31 cannabis plants that he planned on selling for up to 6,000 pound.

On the 27th of November Gary had round a friend who he had though had falling asleep on his sofa. Sadly his friend past away and Gary was forced to ring the police to his house. Upon arrival the police say that they could smell cannabis coming from the spare room. Gary went to court and plead guilty. The judge called him idiotic and he received a 1 year prison sentence and ordered to pay 60 pound fine.

I dread to think what I would do if someone died in front of me but in cases like think I thank the Lord I don't grow my own cannabis.  We need to remember here Gary sacrificed his freedom for his already dead friend to receive medical attention. What if Gary did not call the police, his friend who could of had a chance of living  would not of had a chance. I am sure many people would of chose freedom.This story shows an incident were the legalization  of cannabis would be good for society as if cannabis was legal no one in the cannabis community would see the police as an enemy.

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