Complete Victory in Vancouver

Summary and opinion by our Principal Marketing Director John S.

In a complete reversal of fortune, a Vancouver federal court judge struck down federal regulations prohibiting medical marijuana patients from growing cannabis within their residence. Judge Phelan ruled that medical marijuana regulations were a blatant infringement on patients charted rights. Lawyer kirk Towsaw classified the judges decision as a complete victory. He believes the valuable lesson learned from this decision, is that medical marijuana can be grown at home by responsible users with no risk to the public. The federal liberal government has agreed to regulating and legalizing recreational marijuana, but has yet to draft legislation.

This victory was major step forward in legalizing cannabis on all aspects, medical and recreational. The legislation previous to this decision robbed many patient access to their medicine, essentially forcing them to break the law and turn to the black market. Medical marijuana patients just want the same access to their medication as a cancer, or aids patient. Why should they be denied the right to a pain free life, when doctors prescribe addictive narcotics daily?

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