Medical Cannabis Legalized in Australia

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson.

For the first time in Australia medical cannabis can be legally grown for medical and scientific purposes. A huge step forward for the country as many of the advocates have fought to be treated as people in need of the medicinal benefits, and not criminals. 

The Australian Parliament passed the measure on Wednesday February 24, 2016, exactly one year after 25 year old Daniel Haslam lost his battle to terminal bowel cancer. His mother Lucy began United in Compassion, a medical cannabis advocacy group, and petitioned to have the plant legalized.

Regulations still need to be put into place and licenses need to be applied, however, so it will take some time for the actual growing to take place. The health minister also reminded people that recreational cannabis is still illegal. Nevertheless, there are going to be many people finally receiving the medical benefits of cannabis without harsh side effects.

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