Medical Marijuana Sales

Summary and opinion Mariama McGee.

Sadly, medical marijuana sales will not be legal until 2017 or later. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission announced that it will be not awarding licenses till the summer but even then it will take an additional 4 to 6 months to sell it. The commission also says that they do not have a set date for when they will allow dispensaries to start operating. 

The program has been approved but there was an excessive amount of applications of pot producers and dispensers that caused the program to take time and delay the process. This unfortunately has brought some trouble to the individuals who have already started buying land and buildings for operations. Some business might not be able to afford the wait time while others who are well funded should be fine.

This setback has also brought trouble to individuals trying to purchase medical marijuana for severe health problems. Individuals such as Sarah Vogeley and her son who has epilepsy. Her son’s epilepsy is so severe that her family had to split so that Sarah and her son could move to Colorado where medical marijuana is legal for children. At first when she heard about Maryland legalizing medical marijuana, she rejoined her husband and her other children back in Virginia. But after she realized the setback, she has already planned to move her son back to Colorado. 

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