Pot Shortage

Apparently District of Columbia underestimated how much would be willing to buy marijuana leaving residents to buy from street users. Yet after seeing many new growers moving into the city, there has been a boost in the supply allowing residents to cannabis at a cheaper price. The shortage unfortunately left certain residents such as Belinda Cunningham, an HIV and Cervical-cancer patient without her supply of cannabis that helps her get through the day with the 15 medications she takes daily. 

At first, the city only allowed five health conditions to get prescriptions for cannabis but after the summer of 2014, the restrictions relaxed allowing new registrants to come through. The numbers of buyers escalated quickly leaving the dispensaries to lose their supply and close their doors till they are able to restock. It took months for cultivators to restock and sell to dispensaries. These setback allowed there to be a change in the law and double the number of plants cultivators can produce. 

Since the restock, prices have decreased and more strains have been introduced to residents. Dispensaries are now selling oils and teas. One company called District Growers has actually been producing cannabis juice and is connected with bakeries that make goods with marijuana based cream and icings. 

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