Marijuana Grows Economy Internationally

Marijuana Grows Economy Internationally

June 07, 2017

Summary and opinion by Ronald Pires.

There are numerous countries throughout the world with a stagnant or failing economy. The people living in such countries, Latin America, Southern Europe, Asian and Pacific regions, need a new industry. An industry with growth, job creation and tax revenues. The next big thing, the export of marijuana products and various extracts derived from the plant. 

Most governments have stringent laws concerning the cannabis industry, due to various international treaties. As of last year 185 countries have signed a document declaring weed as a class one narcotic. There have been other treaties over the course of time that have reinforced that marijuana is a narcotic and should remain illegal.

Jeffery Friedland, CEO of INTIVA, writer, and speaker has recently seen a surge in oversea calls concerning the export of cannabis. He and his company have been the how to establish a global cannabis business. Mr. Friedland wants a revision to the treaty which classifies the plant as a narcotic, and the ability to export cannabis.

The future of this billion dollar industry would reverberate if the United Sates would legalize.  There are about a dozen or so countries and four and a half states with lenient or no laws against cannabis. Now, some countries laws against marijuana are being revised. Ultimately the war on drugs must change in countries including the (USA). Instead of a war to regenerate the economy, all we have to do is overgrow the globe.

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