Focusvape Tourist Review by Vaporizor Reviews

September 20, 2017


Transcript (via YouTube)

Hello everybody Lord vapors here again, this time look at the focusvape tourist. Look at this beautiful camera work from Lord visualist here.

The Tourist by Focusvape - Let's have a look inside. I love a nice sealed box so let's pull back the plastic. Now this is a dab rig and a vaporizer all together. It has interchangeable head. Very very clever indeed from focusvape. Looking inside you can see The Tourist. Let's have a look on the back here - quite a temperature range 120 to 240 or 248 to 464. Or 250 - 450. I don't have time to tell you that last one but I'm sure you caught it.

So yes. Herb or oil. Now straight away the quality in the build absolutely beautiful. The weight of this would be a handy paperweight when not being used and it does keep it steady when it's in the dab rig mode so this is the head for standard vaporization you can see the board there where it connects to the battery pack. And it currently has its dab head on here as you can see.

That's a spur Bowl as well in the Box there. Now let's have a look at the battery. Is it 18650. Beautiful so interchangeable you know your battery is never going to die just get a new one if it does.

Now let's have a look at this inside what else have we got in our little box here. There's your spare bowl for your beverage that as you can see and inside - my goodness - lots of goodies. Look at that glass. Okay what else have we got in here. We've got our own rubber mouthpiece here which just goes on top of the normal vape mouthpiece tube it's getting a bit hot I find I don't really need this and if you're sharing maybe some more rubber rings there for the seals as you can see here this fits both this head and the other one.

What else have we got in our box here. Toolkit standard, brush tweezers, dab tool, we've seen those before. Very nicely packaging there. What else have we got in here. Silica gel we don't do that. 

This our charge cable standard USB flat cable in the side there. Wonderful. You can also take the battery from charge in one of those little charges.

Here's our glass very very nicely made here. So that has a kind of Dab tool on one end and it has a lid on the other for when you're in dab mode. And that just clicks on like so with those o-rings forming a tight seal. Beautiful. And then our little dab tool on the top there.

All in all a very nice package. Let's pop it in its base have a little look. Take it in. Very nice. Now as no with the manual here I will flick through, if you do lose yours, you could always pause on these pages, so we've got an overview. Concentrate mode which is the dab rig mode. There we are. More pages on that. It's very straightforward. It doesn't need to be that in-depth this manual don't need three pages of concentrate mode.

Here we've got dry hands so a very flexible vaporizer this - and again that beautiful build quality - dry herb mode - general information. What else have we got here. 

Charging of course very important maintenance tips and your obvious warnings there in the end. Warranty is the last page.

Now let's see how it works here. So this is how the heads come off - they simply screw away as you can see there and then we can pop on - there's the contacts - we could pop on our herb head here and like two screws into place power so very very good interesting idea get to change these heads - not seen this before. And a little switch on the side to select oil or dry herb.

Let's have a little look at the oven - standard oven like most focusvapes - 0.2g maybe, it depends how much you want to squeeze in there. And again beautiful quality - you can see the oven there, it shows a clay insert in that mouthpiece too. 

Now let's get it filled up and see how it rolls. I really do like focusvape - This is about the fifth or sixth I've reviewed. They've not left me down yet, they seem to be on a good run here especially with this one. The flexibility of having a portable dab rig anyone can tell you is very rare.

Let's check herb mode first though see how she rolls. Three clicks, the usual 10 - 15 second heat up time, you can't really see that say we put it to 420.

Now let's have a little go see how she rolls. The vapor of course tastes beautiful. That clay inside these in the mouthpiece really seems to chill it. Let's have a look and there's our vapor beautiful on a par with all the other focusvape I would suggest. And they really do seem to get better and better the more through the cycle they are the hotter they get.

Now here's our dab brick, you can see I've only had a tiny amount of oil myself so it's going to be quite hard to demonstrate. There's our throttle or air holder into oil mode and then we'll set our temperature set to 660 and you can see I've sped this up somewhat but yeah you look probably looking 20 - 25 seconds. Maybe to heat temperature we can see there the vapor forming in the chamber. There and let's have a little go of this and see what it's like.

It has to be said stunning - chills the vapor beautifully great taste. 

All in all, a great little package let's have another little go on this see what it's like for a second go once again. Very very tasty so all in all very flexible you've got a dab rig and the vape all in one package.